7 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for CLAT 2022

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7 Common Mistakes in Preparing for CLAT 2022
CLAT is considered the ultimate test for law seekers. Every law aspirant wants to pass the CLAT exam to get the law college of their dreams. However, breaking the CLAT is not a child’s play and requires constant hard work, dedication and effort. Many students make common mistakes while preparing for this exam which reduces the chances of cracking in this exam. Despite your best efforts, mistakes find a way to get you out of your way. Losing a year due to improper or inadequate preparation can be very frustrating and devastating for candidates. However, if you already know about the most common mistakes that candidates make during CLAT preparation, you are less likely to make them.

In this article, we will talk about the mistakes made by aspirants during their CLAT discussion because a smart person learns from his mistake, but a smart person also learns from the mistakes of others.

Not a strategy.
No matter what battle you are in, strategizing is the first step. Even in a CLAT battle, you must have a definite strategy to help you win your goal. Strategies for CLAT may include how and when you begin your preparation, what resources you will cite during the study, what topics you will dedicate, and what topics you will start with. The details of each article are important to how many revisions are made, when will you start with your revision and many such factors. Take a day or two to draft and note down your strategy. If you feel like it, feel free to make any changes to your strategy during your preparation.

Excessive crimping.
Learning to do good will not help you get the status you want. It may help you qualify, but it won’t help you shine. If you want to be a topper, you have to think and act the same way. Toppers never memorize, but they understand every idea that leaves a lasting impression in their minds that they will always remember. It helps to combine different topics to make your pool of knowledge much wider. If you are weak in any subject, you can join CLAT online coaching to prepare for CLAT.

Improper time management.
Discipline and time management are essential during CLAT preparation. You can’t study too much for a week and then go on vacation for another. CLAT preparation is a slow and gradual process and you cannot complete it in a few weeks or months. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Read less but read daily. Don’t break your chains, it will help you stay in the flow and learn better.

Don’t try time bound mock tests.
Time bound mock tests are a great way to analyze your level of preparation. They help you figure out how long it takes to solve each piece of paper. This will help you adapt your preparation strategy accordingly. You will also learn about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on your weaknesses and take advantage of your strengths.

Don’t understand the basics.
Many aspirants try to learn modern and complex parts of the subjects in the hope of learning more but forget the basics. There is no way for you to understand modern or more complex topics if you do not know the basics. All CLAT subjects must have a strong foundation. Only after mastering the basics, you should move on to modern topics.

Reference to Multiple Sources

Always pay attention to quantity and quality while preparing CLAT. Storing books and magazines will not help you in any way but will confuse you. Find some reliable resources and don’t buy new books until you have finished the old book or have an article you want to read, and remember to get the best CLAT preparation books for CLAT 2022.

No reviews.
Review is the key to success in CLAT. Whether it is current issues, legal arguments or any other issue, it needs to be reviewed again and again. Because the CLAT curriculum is so extensive, candidates may forget what they read a few months ago. To keep your mind fresh, you should make appropriate adjustments. Only through constant review can one be sure that he will remember everything he has read.


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