How to find an effective research question?

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Research questions are an integral part of any research. It guides your entire research project so you need to know how to base your research, which is a ‘research question’.

Think of this question as a complex inquiry to which you as a researcher are looking for an answer or a solution. In addition to providing a systematic way of conducting research, the question also emphasizes basic research methods, assumptions, and analysis. A research problem represents an area of concern or current state that needs to be improved or worked on.

1. The main features of a good research question.
However, there is no set standard for setting up a research question. It represents a few unique attributes and highlights some aspects of your research. Before formulating a research question, make sure it has the following attributes:


The research question should focus on just one issue instead of talking about multiple issues at once. Explain the nature of your research while stating the question. It should represent the basic research problem and should not be too broad or narrow. Here are two examples of research questions to help you better understand the context:

Question 1: What effect does social media have on consumer awareness?

Question 2: How is Facebook changing and influencing the purchasing behavior of people under the age of 30?

The first question does not address the underlying research problem or the target group. The topic usually talks about social media which makes the topic very wide. On the other hand, the second question mentions the type of social media and the research concept. This shows that the research is highly practical and analytical.


Your research issue should be researchable. Finally, you should be able to draw quantitative and qualitative results using reference books and journals. Once you have chosen the field of study, you will be able to narrow down the topic and choose the analytical question.

• Possible

Make sure you can solve the research question within a limited time. Think about whether you have the time and resources to do so. Consider 5W and 1H when preparing a research question.


The question should be specific, it means that it should solve a single problem or problem in the end. Talk about what you want to investigate through your research.

2. How does the relevant research question complement your research?
An effective and interesting research issue is of interest to readers. Focus on a specific topic as it will guide you through the research writing process and make well-informed decisions. No matter what type of research questions you choose, they must explain your research work and provide a way to do your job. Remember a good research question as a solid frame of reference for your work. Here are some examples of good research problem:

How effective are the different types of vaccinations for treating the symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 virus in people over 60?

A study on the significant effects of climate change on ice levels in Antarctica.

How are clinical trials working to test the COVID-19 vaccine?

The examples of the above research question are focused and exactly indicate what needs to be studied.

3. Types of research questions that you can choose from.
Research questions can be divided into two types: quality research questions and quantitative research questions. Your research question also outlines basic research methods. As a researcher, it is up to you whether you want to base your research independently or use both quantitative and qualitative methods interdependently.

Research Quality Research Questions.

These types of research questions represent a systematic inquiry aimed at quality data. Here the researcher collects non-statistical information in the form of experiments, observations and interpretations. An advanced research issue should explain a trend or concept. This research focuses on understanding the experiences that lead to change, rather than identifying the variables. If your research work includes ethnographic research work, case studies or interviews, a quality research question may represent your research work.

Examples of quality research issues:

Question 1: What are the possible side effects of products / medicines / medicines?

Question 2: How are online studies affecting the health of children and adolescents in schools?

ant Quantitative research questions.

A question for quality research helps the researcher to formulate a hypothesis. The research is based on the size of the sample, after which the data is collected, analyzed and summarized for the readers. Your research question must be able to solve statistically significant. It needs to be more direct, precise and relevant to the topic. There are three more types of quantitative research questions to choose from:

The descriptive question highlights the key attributes and features of the topic.

Example: How many hours do Arizona University students spend online each week?

A comparative question indicates the relationship between different research variables.

Example: What are the key differences between Twitter behavior among American men and women (18 to 25)?

relationship A relationship-based research question describes the type of relationship between research subjects within the same demographic.


The relationship between the generation of children in foster care and the assessment of their mental health.

4. How to formulate the final research question?
study Select the field of study and narrow down the list of topics. The selected research question should be tailored to your research objectives and needs.

Think about the main purpose of your research? Do you want to review a dataset or confirm a suggestion?

Do basic research to understand the context of your topic. Find out what kind of research has been done in your field? How was the research done? What are the assumptions available?

Identify subheadings, keywords, and solve specific problems with questions.

The time frame or other limitations you may encounter during the research work.

Improve the research topic by outlining the tasks one by one. Use strong words that show the importance of your research work.

These steps will help you identify and refine a research question.

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