Read a Book And Write in It

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As a student, my classmates were advised not to write in our curriculum. That is, we were told that before the end of the school year, we would have to return our books to our teachers for review. If we are good students and our books are in good condition and if we don’t hit them hard, we can return the books without incident and without parental penalty. Obviously we never found a respectable culture of literature and there was a direct and vague amount of teachers overseeing it all.

He has done an amazing and tragic job. Books and instructions were ideas that were not pure and incomprehensible. Our doldrums are something we didn’t want to miss, especially the fear of being dirty and useless. Leaving a text, or taking notes, and you know, really reading, these books were tabs – no entries, no pencil marks, and certainly no results.

Do you remember Robin Williams’ famous experience at the Dead Points Society where he taught his students to destroy their books? That would be a good example.

As you can imagine, this professional program established written protection. Books shouldn’t have been made of them – they should have been feared. They were not my friends. They were important to the machine – the school. Show me I can’t “play” with them, they weren’t really mine, and they were with me for a while. I was not theirs, they were in debt.

How did it affect me?

Except for the assignments I was given, I didn’t spend much time alone, without comic books and, ultimately, pro wrestling magazines. Magazines, still in style distribution from New York City to New Sports City, were full of amazing and terrifying images and were written with humor due to pro wrestling. With these magazines, I had the opportunity to remove some images to create collections of young people who would attack them. I can even skip specific worksheets or fill out a fan selection where editors use this method to keep their readers completely locked inside. These magazines were mine. Even my mother went everywhere to get a large number of subscriptions to these magazines, earning me a lot on the news store. I remember, at that moment, informing my friend that “he was just happy that Michael was getting anything hanged.”

In the meantime, the “real” books – fictional, authentic in life, soft cover, narrow cover – are open to me. By combining “real” books with school, I showed that I can’t go into my feelings of fear, or decide not to go, and keep myself away from many human books. All three of them don’t have a King of the Rings set for me. Not Harry Potter.

I did not participate in dream books or forums of any kind.

Often, my youth was my first pro wrestling magazine or the books mentioned above, especially the books that were overlooked.

It is sad and disappointing that I lost any photos and information.

However, I somehow became a writer. Plus, somehow, I’ve finally started talking to books. I think it happened there by acting and making movies. Taking over this job gives me a lot of internal and external speech books. Also, to give them credit, many pro wrestlers started making their own memoirs. Wrestling champions McFauley and Diamond Dallas Page have shared volumes of jokes and pictures that have helped me learn “anything”.

However, I did not write in the book until a few years ago. A friend of mine named Harrison Condit gave me a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The book begins with a series of clever questions for which the user actually has to write the book himself. I can’t handle it! I continued to work according to Mr. Slope’s teachings. Also, will you be able to trust it? I did not go to “disruption”.

So far? Features, pen stamps and note taking are important to my reading experience. I think I’m paying for some of the latest hurdles.

Some books are safe, like picture books, obviously.

Be as realistic as possible, for everyone else? Light the fire. Nice game!

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