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Overseas Study Programs, Latest Scholarships for Pakistani Students, Pakistan’s Senior Advisor, Overseas Studies and Leaders in Pakistan updated information available online here.

Study abroad is a way for undergraduate and highly advanced scholars to gain enlightened opportunities abroad. The most important step is to choose the right programs abroad that are best for you and it will be a life-changing knowledge for you.

If you are rational enough to study abroad but can’t decide whether it will suit your superiority or importance, then you need a piece of hints, procedures and details to follow the reforms in world renowned educational institutions. And can get action and ideas. . Overseas study programs, scholarships, events for Pakistani students in Pakistan, news and much more are available on the Overseas Study Study section.

Globalization is established to play an essential role in work-related, and empathetic nationwide adaptation and is critical to achieving the goal effectively in different societies. Apprentices repeatedly make their study abroad an important moment in their teaching and single tumor. Learning a book abroad is a wonderful opportunity to truly study, approve of ideas beyond a pole, find a new strong suit, and expand your civic outlook around the world.

Students studying abroad must begin at least one year of preparation. Most intellectuals chose to go abroad. It is important for learners to do some research before going abroad. Understanding a country’s culture, laws, traditions, legislation, etc. can be very important. Others who know ahead of time about your superior country are much more organized and more self-reliant when you arrive.

Once you are studying abroad, you will learn things about the world that you cannot prepare at home. Studying abroad can give you a choice of study that you would never have done in your national universities. When you study abroad, your education is born much faster than when you leave home. You live and learn in your multi-principles. Every collaboration is an example of learning and sharing your process with others.

Most international universities require English language proficiency from foreign students. There are hundreds of coaching centers for IELTS in Pakistan. The British Council and AEO are authorized to conduct IELTS tests in Pakistan.

Other tests for study abroad
You may have to pass any of the following exams to enter abroad. Click on any test to learn more and how it applies to your admissions process.

Educational counseling.
More options, more confusion! In today’s fast paced world, students are often confused about which foreign university to go to, which degree to choose, and most importantly, how to go about it. We understand the right future career opportunities through academic counseling as well as choosing the right path of education at FES.

Flying overseas for a degree can seem like an expensive project, but FES works as one.
Links between students and foreign universities provide bridges and budget-friendly options that are unknown to students due to lack of information and awareness. A foreign degree, which for most students seemed a distant reality, has been facilitated with the help of FES, which provides one-stop solutions to all students’ academic problems through academic counseling. We are qualified and dedicated educational consultants in Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Abbottabad. And last but not least Dubai, where we provide you pre-post services and guidance on the go.

We provide customized educational counseling services based on your educational qualifications, attitudes, goals, budget, country of study priority and much more while saving you from all the hassle of cumbersome paperwork. We are at your service so that we can answer your questions and help you in any way we can. If you value us, we don’t mind. Visit our website and contact us.

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