Low Cost MBBS in China Admission Open 2021

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MBBS in China.
MBBS in China for international students has grown worldwide simply because Chinese government universities are well-known around the world, while obtaining internationally accepted degrees from Chinese universities. One of the best priorities. Prospective medical students, mostly from South Asian countries, always find it easy to study under their Chinese tradition, with their studies as well as socially compatible facilities. MBBS in China is affordable for international students because of the large range of universities offering low fees and scholarships for top students.

MBBS in China English Medium Universities.
Low cost MBBS in China | Admission 2021.

For MBBS Pakistani students in China: –
“Very important information for potential medical students, MBBS in China”
As an international prospective medical student, English medium public universities in China are the best and most suitable choice for studying MBBS, while not all but a few universities are best for Pakistani students for many reasons.

In fact, in China, only English medium universities are allowed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to teach foreign students in English, and these universities are also called “listed universities”, only these universities offer MBBS degree programs. Can do

We, at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., have 25 years of service experience, glad to offer our services to you for admission to MOE listed and top rank medical universities in China.

MOE listed, English Medium Government Universities in China: –

The annual expenditure in listed, English medium universities is about Rs. 10 to 11 lakh Pakistani rupees, including tuition fees, hostel and full cost of food expenses. The MBBS program consists of five years of education and one year of internship, with a total of six years required to complete the MBBS and obtain a degree. While the entire MBBS program costs Rs. 65 to 70 lakh Pak rupees.

Unfortunately, most people in Pakistan do not know about “MOE listed”, English medium universities, which are allowed to offer MBBS degree programs.

However, those that are not English medium are called bilingual universities. Their expenses are in rupees per annum. Rs 7.5 lakh to Rs 8.5 lakh including all expenses like tuition fee, accommodation and food.

Eligible students who can apply for English Medium Universities: –

A student must have a F. Sc premedical and no less than 60% to 70% marks in major subjects. If one does not have the same number, he cannot apply for these MOE listed universities.

Bilingual universities for MBBS in China:

Bilingual universities (bilingual) mean Chinese and English medium, the trend of Pakistani students is higher in these universities due to lower fees. Although most of them do not have MBBS degrees except for a few. Their degree is called MB (Bachelor of Medicine), students in these universities must study HSK4 in the first year and qualify. HSK4 is a one-year Chinese language course, which is very important to qualify, otherwise it is not possible to join the second year to continue medicine classes.

Disadvantages of bilingual universities:

The tragedy is that many students who do not study attentively cannot even qualify for it, and if they fail, they are expelled from universities and then stay in hotels for new admissions. Which they often hide from their families).
Bilingual universities offer medicine classes in English medium, but there is a risk that they may suddenly switch to Chinese medium at any time. As has been the case in the past, many universities were bilingual and taught medicine in English medium for the second year but moved back to Chinese medium and all students had to either study in Chinese medium or re-enter another university. Had to (Since migration to China is also not possible), and this is all a matter of risk at your own discretion, some universities have suddenly returned to the Chinese medium, such as Tashan Medical University, Jenning Medical University, and many more.
Remember that if a student studies medicine in Chinese medium, he will face difficulties in Pakistan because the students studying abroad should study in English.
Some reputable bilingual Chinese universities are offering medicine classes in English:

Although it is difficult to take charge of entire bilingual universities, for some of them that have been the best in our experience, it is best for students who score less than 70% or study medicine at a lower cost. Want to get

We can offer their services and recommendations. Otherwise enrolling in a cheap university means wasting your future, money and time, so consult us or get a good future by consulting your medical education in the light of their experience through an experienced consultancy firm.

Decide calmly, because it is not something to buy cheaply from the market and then regret it. It’s a waste of time and money and can’t hold back your future.


If you want to do MBBS and practice in a Commonwealth or abroad then only English Medium Universities are suitable for admission.

If you are serious about your future, and are interested in choosing an experienced and reliable consultancy firm to enroll in MBBS, English Medium or Bilingual, then you are at the right place. Every year MBBS seekers in China, and those who do a lot of research for their possible education regarding MBBS, finally reach out to us to meet their needs. We at NICE Consultants are always happy to offer you the best services with the most experience and up-to-date information.

How to apply for MBBS in China?

If you are seriously interested in enrolling in MBBS, English Medium or Bilingual, just scan your documents and send them to WhatsApp or Email. Pay the application fee for admission, we will guide you to choose the best university for you and facilitate admission. Students who are awaiting results after taking the exam can also apply for admission.

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