Is Engineering Field ‘Safe’ nowadays?

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It is now beyond comprehension whether engineering students can find suitable jobs for themselves as most of the engineering colleges are not able to provide ‘A’ grade education to their students.

Yes! In many Indian regions there are some IITs as well as some different reputed technology institutes, or in particular I am called almost the top engineering colleges of Punjab which are at the height of their standard performance in engineering, but they are easy to get. , It is not. It is possible to meet the needs of the industry for those who are fully interested in engineering or we are able to say that one of the simplest reasons behind the differences in the wide variety of admissions in such diploma courses is the lack of availability of jobs. As a result, diploma courses have been discontinued. Such engineering colleges.

Inside the article here, the emerging engineering discipline is fully proven to students with current AICTE reviews and you may be able to peek into the fate of engineering.

By far, we are all aware of the modern state of engineering in Pakistan. So to call it ‘safe’ (or no longer) is the most appropriate phrase that can be used with the relevant topic.

What do current reports say about Engineering Field?

In 2018-19, the total use capacity for elementary degree was 33,92,759, with full enrollment of 18,14,770, which is approximately fifty-three. 4%.
In 2017-18, the total intake was 35, 52, 377, out of which the enrollment was 18,95,366, which is 53.3%.
According to AICTE records, in 2008-09, an additional 30% of college students enrolled in engineering faculties over the final year, which is considered the best jump since 2001. More than 700 new schools were recognized in those 12 months.

According to the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), about 200 engineering schools have applied for termination as it has so far been determined that more than 80,000 seats in this field could be reduced and the wide variety increased to about 3.1. Millions can be reduced. Seats in the near future.
The number of engineering seats has decreased since 2016. That’s about 75,000 a year, according to AICTE.

In 2016-17, 1/2 out of 15. Five lakh BE / B. Tech seats were vacant in three, 291 engineering colleges in the USA.

AICTE’s reaction to it

Therefore, the crisis of engineering schooling in India is basically clear from such surveys. A lot of research has also talked about the low employment potential of engineering graduates, in the case of a few reputable institutions or some B.Tech. Apart from different areas, colleges in Punjab.

AICTE wants about 800 engineering schools because of the fact that there are no additional admissions for their seats, so enrollment in these schools is being affected every year.

About 150 schools are voluntarily closing each year due to strict AICTE rules. In fact, within the council’s guidelines, it is stated that colleges which lack proper infrastructure will be closed and they have been admitting less than 30% admissions for 5 consecutive years.

The repute of engineering employment

According to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, there are 6,214 engineering and technology institutes in Pakistan, which admit 2.9 million college students and every year, about 1.5 million engineers are deployed in the process market. But the poor condition of better education in Pakistan ensures that they do not have the skills to work.

About 97% of graduate engineers want jobs in middle engineering or software engineering. However, the simplest 3% have the appropriate capabilities to hire services in the software or product markets, and the most efficient 7% can handle center engineering tasks.

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