University Of Taxila Admission Merit Lists 2022

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University Of Taxila Admission Merit Lists 2022

The University of Taxila is a famous ancient institution of higher education, located in the ancient city of Taxila on the east bank of the Indus River. An important settlement around 1000 BC. After Aqueménida conquered the valley of the Indus around the year 515 a. C., became the capital of the Aqueménida territory in the northwest of the old Indian subcontinent. Taxila is locate at the junction of the major trade roads of Asia and may be inhabite by Persians, Greeks, Scythians, and many races from across the Achaemenid Empire.


According to some accounts, the old University of Taxila is consider one of the first universities in the world. Others do not believe that it is a university in the modern sense, because the professors who live there may not have a formal membership in a particular university, and Taxila does not appear to be specialized. later, Nalanda University in East India.

The university is famous for science, especially medicine and art, but it also teaches religious and secular subjects, including archery or astrology. The students come from remote areas of India. Many of the Jatakas of early Buddhist literature refers to college students. It is believe that, in addition to Indian students, there are more than 20,000 students from China, Babylon, Syria, and Greece studying there. [Reference required]

The Achaemenid conquest of the Indus Valley made Taxila part of the Achaemenid Empire. The Persian conquest can make the University of Taxila a very international environment in which many cultures and races can exchange their knowledge.

The role of the University of Taxila as a center of knowledge continued to exist in the 3rd century BC. C. and the second-century a. C. of the Peacock Empire and the Greek rule (India-Greece).

The destruction of Toramana in the 5th century AD seemed to put an end to the activities of the university.


Important professor who teach at the University of Tarsila are said to inclue:

Panini was a great Indian grammarian in the 5th century BC. C. It is said that he was born in Shalatula near Attock, not far from Taxila. This area was part of the Gandhara governor of the Achaemenid Empire at the time, but the race in his name or his way of life indicated that he was of Indian descent. He has probably been teaching at the University of Taxila.
Chanakya, the influential prime minister of Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Mauryan Empire, is say to have also taught in Taxila.
Kumarata, according to Yuan Chuang, a 3rd century Chinese Buddhist monk and traveler, Kumarata, founder of the Jingjing school, is also an excellent professor at Taxila University, attracting students from as far away as China.
Vasubandhu, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, is said to have taught there. His famous disciples include Fashen and Dinaga.


According to Stephen Batchelor, the Buddha may have been influence by the experience and knowledge acquire by some of his closest followers in Taxila, the foreign capital. Several contemporaries and close followers of the Buddha are say to have study at Achaemeni Taksim. Are:

A close friend of the Buddha, King Pasenadi of Kosala,
Bandura, Commander of the Pasedani Army
Aṅgulimāla, a faithful follower of the Buddha. A Buddhist story about Aṅgulimāla (also known as Ahiṃsaka, who later became a faithful follower of the Buddha) tells how his parents sent him to Taxila to study with a well-known teacher. There, he had excellent academic performance, became the teacher’s favorite student, and enjoyed special treatment at the teacher’s home. However, other students became jealous of Ahiṃsaka’s rapid progress and tried to turn his teacher against him. For this reason, they feel as if Ahiṃsaka seduced the master’s wife.
Jivaka, Rajagriha court physician and Buddha’s personal physicians. University Of Taxila Admission Merit Lists 2022

Other famous students include:

Charka, the “father of medicine” in India and one of the leading authorities on Ayurveda, is said to have also study and practiced in Tarsila.
Chandragupta Maurya, Buddhist literature notes that although the future founder of the Peacock Empire, Chandragupta Maurya was born near Patna (Bihar) in Magadha, was brought to Taxila by Chanakya for training and education, and receive “Education for all sciences”. . And art ”, including military science. He studied there for eight years. [29] Greek and Hindu texts also noted that Chanakya was a native of the northwestern Indian subcontinent, and Chandragupta was his resident student for eight years. These statements are consistent with Plutarch’s statement that Alexander the Great met young Chandra Guta during his campaign in Punjab. University Of Taxila Admission Merit Lists 2022


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