Ufone Internet Packages Offers New

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Internet Offers

Ufone Internet Packages Offers New

Ufone is a vast telecom company that provides several packages. A user can select any internet package just by dialing *3#.

Browse Ufone internet offers and choose from a wide range of daily, weekly, monthly, and content bundles, as well as flash deals. Subscribe now.

*3# milain aur Befikri payein



   5 GB + 8 GB
Validity: 30 Days
Dial *290#  Rs. 499 (load)



2 GB
+ 1 GB

Validity: 30 Days     Dial *7807#  Rs. 390 (load)



     1 GB

Validity: 30 Days  Dial *5858#  Rs. 60



Dial *3# from your internet-enabled handset and choose your desired Mobile Internet Buckets

Ufone Internet Packages Offers New

General Terms and Conditions
All prices include taxes.
Bucket subscribers will get the maximum speed available. The actual speed of the internet will depend on many factors such as location, time, device, access to web pages, number of users, etc.
All WhatsApp calls will be received from data bucket resources.
All buckets are only valid for prepaid customers.
Dial * 706 # to check the remaining bucket resources.
All prices are taxable.
Each session stores a certain amount of data to enhance the customer experience.
Once the data bucket expires, multiple sessions will be charged separately at the default mobile package rate.
After using the offer volume, the Internet will remain active and will be charged at the default tariff. 2.75 + tax per MB (https://ufone.com/support/tax/) on a charging pulse of 512 Kbs. With 25 MB usage, you will get 150 MB for free till midnight.
Why am I being charged 4G / LTE when my mobile data is off? what shall I do?
Inherent in 4G / LTE technology, the data connection of 4G / LTE users is maintained despite the data settings being turned off from the handset. However, in this case very limited volume of the Internet is used. Therefore, it is recommended to change the network setting from handset to 2G / 3G when turning off mobile data.

Ufone Internet Packages Offers New

Daily bundle
The 500 MB per day Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to Daily Light, Daily Heavy, and Special Daily social free.
3-day bundle.
The 500 MB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to 3 days bucket social free.
Weekly bundle.
The 2GB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to Weekly Light Bucket Social Free.
Monthly bundle.
Multiple subscriptions are allowed for monthly light, monthly heavy, and monthly maximum buckets.
The 2GB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to monthly light, monthly heavy, and monthly maximum social free.
Bundle of content
The streaming bundle offer will be valid for 1 hour.
Multiple subscriptions are allowed for the streaming bundle.
The streaming bundle offers Internet MB that will be used only on YouTube and Daily Motion.
The streaming bundle offer is for prepaid customers only.
The policy of fair use of 500 MB per day applies to chat buckets.

If customers need extra MBS to fulfill their daily social requirements then Daily Heavy Bucket is suitable and the best choice for them. This package contains 75 MBs of internet data for only 15 rupees per day. The activation code of this bucket is *8042#. Following is the Ufone One Day Internet Package plan in full detail.


To activate the package now, dial *5000# and enjoy FREE 100MBs, Minutes, and SMS each will be given out per day for 30 days.

Internet Packages Offers

Best Morning Offer

Rs. 6 (incl. tax)

Data: 2GB (9AM – 12PM)

Validity: 01 Day

Dial: *4200#

Daily Off Peak Plus

Rs. 12 (incl. tax)

Data: 1.5 GB (6AM-6PM)

Validity: 01 Day

Dial: *10#

Rs. 17 (incl.tax)

Data: 2 GB

Mega Internet

Validity: 12 AM – 12 PM

Dial: *550#

Daily Light

Rs. 13 (incl.tax)

Data: 40 MB

Social Networks: 1 GB     

Validity: 1 Day

Dial: *2256#

Daily Whatsapp Offer

Rs. 1.20(incl.tax)

Social Networks: 100 MB 

Validity: 1 Day

Dial: *987#

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