Things I told myself in college graduation

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My time in college was much more than I wanted: I learned from teachers, made lifelong friends, studied and worked in developing countries, enrolled in startups, formed organizations, cheated and threw Granted, my fair share was ridiculed for following some people. Thinking was an unusual way.
Since college, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and grow Money Thanks, as the youngest adviser to former President Obama, serving as a resident entrepreneur in the Department of Homeland Security, my Wife Love has become the father of two wonderful boys, stay in Europe, and have the best time of your life.
But life has been challenging since college: my mentor died, my mother and a very close friend were battling cancer, a cyber stalker victimized and harassed our family, we took over our business Keeping it healthy, both the United States and the European Union have struggled for access to the immigration system, and we are almost broken in the process.

The work:

The most important skill you can learn is how to manage your psyche. Learn to be calm, minimize exaggerated impressions, view people and decisions objectively, keep your ego away from the image, and step into your mental balcony to see yourself from the outside. At the same time, learn to accept fear, stress, and paranoia as companions – helpful tools that can help you to stop, take a closer look at the situation, prepare better, and raise the level. Can
When deciding what to do in your 20’s, first ask: “What am I doing better for?” Sometimes you have to make adjustments for money when you have student debt or pressure from your parents to help you * When you hire all your friends in big name companies We like to improve the status quo. But if you don’t have immediate financial problems, understand that money and status are temporary: instead, make the most of learning, meaningful relationships, and impact.
Far from it, the best reward of life is to be able to work, “said Theodore Roosevelt. What he didn’t say is that if you’re really busy, your whole life is work. Work is work, your relationship is work. Yes, your friends and family have work, you have your own work. Every part of your life should be presented with challenges. , So it is growing or not developing or not developing: it is dying.
Think about it for a second. We put ourselves in a toxic environment and decades later thought about how we became people we no longer respect. We choose to work in settings where people cut corners and close their eyes, then we do too. We check social media 24/7 and compare ourselves to others behind the scenes, but wonder why we feel lost and insecure. Use your 20 before you risk it.
Because of what we’ve learned together, my wife and I have co-authored this section. We’re thinking more than just fitting in a few pills, so just keep up the workable ideas that definitely have a huge impact on our lives and the lives of our friends. Love is more than just learning a lesson.
That’s right- if you haven’t been to high school or college and are pretty stupid, let me tell you – it’s time to dump her and move on.

Once you have decided that you are looking for a long term partner and are not just dating to find out, start filtering based on your non-negotiation. Non-negotiable are the values, beliefs, desires and habits you want (or don’t want to share) with your partner and you need to start thinking about them when you are not in a relationship. Do you want children? Do you want to live in a foreign place? Do you want to buy a home with your parents? Do you value time alone, or do you need more time each day? Do you love your work? What is important for your long-term happiness? We believe that talking about these “elephants in the room” will end the relationship sooner or at least end the sexual tension. But this conversation can enhance each partner’s perspective, open up new possibilities and allay fears. And if your partner does not communicate with you or is not interested in working through these conversations, it is probably a sign that he or she does not fit in. And that’s fine.
Unexpected situations can put a strain on a relationship, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Just as it is important to create a mental balcony for yourself in difficult times, it is also important to create a shared mental balcony, which has two seats, one for you and one for your partner. You and yourself: “Would I believe you if I weren’t xyz? Would I (still) think too much of you if we weren’t romantic partners? Makes a partner an admirable person. Confidence may be lost, but true trust in the other person rarely changes and it can be an important step in restoring trust in each other. Together in our ability to conquer the world. Everything else is a matter of work. Without faith, we cannot survive. Unexpected situations can put pressure on a relationship, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. I need to create a mental balcony for myself, as well as a shared mental balcony, which has two seats, one for you and your partner. Ask each other. You and yourself: “What if I weren’t xyz?” I believe you Would I (still) think too much of you if we weren’t romantic partners? What makes a partner an admirable person? Confidence may be lost, but true trust in the other person rarely changes and can be an important step in restoring trust. In yourself, in the other person, in each other, and in your ability to conquer the world together. Everything else is a matter of work. We cannot live without faith.

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