Some ways to learn Arabic, for those who want to get started

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Why would anyone put in the effort and time to learn it? What is the beauty of Arabic language?

Is it difficult to learn Arabic? Yes, it is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Arabic is not just a language spoken by people like other languages, but it is the language through which Allah Almighty spoke to our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This is the language of the Qur’an. Arabic is one of the Semitic languages, the fourth most spoken language in the world, spoken by approximately 46,467 million people worldwide, and is the official language of Arabic and some other countries.

Of course, learning a new language is always a bold step, but it is even more difficult when a new language is not attached to your mother tongue. So, as a beginner, how can one learn Arabic? What are the most useful steps to make the learning process easier? There is a very different system of the Arabic alphabet, and there are almost no common words between it and the English language. Fortunately, there are helpful steps to make learning easier for the learner. Of course, these steps require perseverance, determination, hard work and time.

Non-standard Arabic (with many dialects such as Egyptian, Levantine, Moroccan, Iraqi, and others)

Sometimes an Arabic speaker cannot understand other dialects unless both have the same origin, Arabic. A very important factor that can help a foreigner choose the type of education he or she wants to learn. For example, if you are a Muslim and you want to learn to read the Qur’an, feel the sweetness of God’s word, and understand its teachings, then you need to learn old standard Arabic. Also, if you want to learn Arabic history or science, a new standard Arabic will suffice for this purpose. If you want to know about Arab culture, understand their music and movies, so dialect should be your choice. You need to learn what is right for you. Egyptians and Levantines are the most famous.

Knowing the alphabet is the first and most difficult step in learning Arabic, but you will be able to achieve your goal by following a systematic guide. First of all, you need to download the Arabic alphabet chart and follow the Arabic alphabet. Second, familiarize yourself with the interpretation of letters and other symbols. It is important to note that dialects in Arabic are approximately equal to the letters of English. Because a speaker pronounces them after each letter and at the beginning of any word – the Arabic language starts with a letter, not a letter. Examples are narrator, conqueror, fraction, and asthma. Third, you need to study the changes in the letters. There are ten verbs in Arabic. Finally, you need to listen to the alphabet spoken by the local speakers.

Once you are familiar with Arabic letters and their sounds, you should start adding to the language. Many linguists have said that the main role in learning any language is through exhibition, and this can be achieved by dealing with the language. Specifically, listening to local speakers. First of all, you should listen to Arabic broadcasts so that you can familiarize yourself with common words and phrases. Another thing is watching and listening to television interviews and news. Therefore, you get involved in real situations and everyday conversations. You will find mostly films that use Egyptian and Levantine dialects – then you can promote documentaries and historical and Islamic films, which are in standard Arabic.

Another important tool is to label your surroundings in Arabic, whether in your home, office or car. And, whenever you see them, repeat them aloud until you remember them. Finally, you can read children’s books with stories with simple and basic words until you gradually improve your level by reading more special books according to your interest.

Many people consider this step unreasonable or at least do not consider it a step. But, in my humble opinion, this is the most difficult step, if you remember, your efforts will be in vain. Therefore, you may need to add to what you have already learned and learn something new every day.

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