Resources for Continuing Your Legal Education

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Some of the best resources for legal professionals looking to advance their careers.

It takes a lot of dedication to become a legal professional. You have to adopt legal technology, mandatory rules and regulations, practice management and laws. Therefore, legal practitioners will have to add more credit through the Annual Legal Education (CLE).

CLE costs can be a barrier to getting your annual credit, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Fortunately, some CLEs have free access. You have to take advantage of the classes yourself. Here are some free CLE resources you can use to make the most of the changes in the legal field.

Register for membership of the American Bar Association (ABA)

The American Bar Association (ABA) offers a range of free legal education. Registering as a member guarantees you numerous benefits. You can access Premier Speaking events at ABA as well as participate in live recordings of CLE programs. There is also the added benefit of being able to network with your peers.

With organized networking, you can build formal or casual relationships. Criticize or recommend policies and technologies related to the legal field. ABA also offers a number of course recordings that you can listen to or watch. ABA CLE Webinars offer amazing offers in their Member Benefit Library. So you can engage in the latest topics discussed by government lawyers, legal experts and other well-known legal authorities.

  1. Consider state and local bar associations.

Being a practicing lawyer means you are either a member of your local or state bar association or a member of both. Naturally, some state or local bar associations provide free CLE to their members, but not all do. You can visit local bars in your area that offer free CLEs and sign up with them. It is important to note that state or local associations focus on regulatory changes and issues that affect the legal profession in a particular area.

PA CLE is a state or local bar association of Pennsylvania that you may consider if you are a resident of the area. These vary by state, so make sure which exams are specific to you and your area. They offer many courses and bundles to help you stay competitive. They are part of state or local bar associations that do not provide free CLE. However, their charges are pocket friendly.

  1. Subscribe to 4FreeCLE.

Subscribing to this blog helps you access the informal and formal list of all the free CLE resources available. The blog is now updated to notify you of available opportunities when they pop up. Updates help lawyers access information on topics they can visit. The subscription is completely free. You also have the option to check daily to get updates in the legal field. 4 Freckel gives lawyers the benefit of being aware of the states where they can get credit for a particular course. Information is always available at the bottom of every 4FreeCLE blog post.

  1. A legal research service you have worked with before.

There are many research services that you have worked with before. Please take advantage of them as some carry CLE credits. You can select one of the topics discussed here. Fast Case Legal Research Services tops the list. They offer free training, usually via live webinar, and their training is CLE credited.

The principle of fine print reading applies to free CLEs, and savvy legal professionals help you acquire these skills. Legal experts are well aware that as technology advances, hierarchical methods of legal research are affected. So, you have to keep the changes in mind and take the necessary steps to stay on your toes. LexisNexis University, therefore, offers company research as well as course research methods.


It is up to you to do your research and find out which association pays the CLE credit fee. You must also be careful to indicate that the association you choose is tailored to the needs of your state bar. Once you’ve considered that, you can embark on a journey to hone your career skills.

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