Matric 10th Class Guess Papers Mathematics 2022

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Matric 10th Class Guess Papers Mathematics 2022

10th Class Math Guess Paper 2022


Special Guess Maths (Sci) 10

Example.1,2 page19
Properties of cube roots
Relation between roots and coefficients of Q.E
Exe2.4 full exercise
Exe3.3 full exercise
Theorems of proportion
Exe3.6 full exercise
Exe 4.2(Q.2 3,4,8)
Exe 4.3(Q.1,2,3,7,8)
Exe 4.4(Q.1,4,6)
Proof of first two properties page88
Exe5.4 full exercise
Example.2 page120
Example.1 page129
Relation between radian & degree
Exe7.4 full exercise
Exe 7.5(Q.1-4)
Theorems(1,3,4) of ch.9 and first three theorms of ch.12
Root,reciprocal,exponential,radical,disc,symmetric equation,synthetic division,ratio,proportion,antecedent,consequent,proper fraction,improper fraction,partial fraction,function,types of function,mean,median,mode,G.M,properties of A.M,range,angle,
incircle,polygon,circumference,sector,circle,chord ,secent,radial segment,collinear pts,tangent,central angle,cyclic,.
All review exercise are important for mcq and short questions.
Best of Luck…

Punjab Board 10th Class Mathematics Guess Paper 2022

The mathematics essay assessment paper is available online for free on this page. Gas papers will be uploaded on this page and candidates who are only looking for guest papers will soon be able to get online for free from this page. These speculation papers will be uploaded a few days before the final exams. Candidates who are weak in this subject can get this guest paper which is given below. It is clear that you will get it but you will doubt on these Gus papers whether these Gus papers will be successful in the final exams or not. However, we will also talk about it so that you can clarify your point about it.

Speculation papers are ideas about anything. If you are getting guest papers, it simply means that you are preparing these notes on the possibility that these two cases may be in the final exams. The paper may collide in the form of guest papers and it may be that only a small portion will be in the form of guest papers.

Matric Mathematics Guess Paper 2022

Why is it that guest papers are always recommended to you? The answer is simple: these speculation papers are designed by well-experienced teachers and they only explain their experience as to which question is important and which is not. If you are getting these guest papers of Maths subject then you have to prepare these questions effectively so that you can get passing marks in at least final exams.

Mathematics is a technical and important subject but most students find it difficult. This topic can be simplified if we practice more on it. Many students strive to perform well on board exams and get good marks. We are providing you here 10th class math estimation paper 2022 / math assessment paper 2022 class 10.

Important 10th Class Math Guess Papers 2022

10th-grade students will definitely find these guess papers very helpful and useful in exams. These 10th-grade math assessment papers are as well designed and presented as your board exams. Punjab Board Examination Pattern 2022 has been followed in these guest papers. If you want to get good marks in mathematics then you must practice these guest papers before your board exam. Matriculation Mathematics Estimates 2022 are available here for free to all 10th graders. These speculation papers can be downloaded and saved in PDF files.

10th Class Mathematics Guess Paper 2022

Both English Medium and Urdu Medium students can practice through these useful guest papers. These Gus Papers ask the questions that can be asked in the board exam. You can check the 10th Maths Estimation Paper on the website. Here you can also find estimates for all tenth-grade subjects. These speculative papers are of great importance along with the paper approach. Take advantage of this opportunity and prepare for the best performance in the exam. Download 10th class math assessment paper 2022 pdf and practice. You can also find past papers on all subjects on our website. Matric 10th Class Guess Papers Mathematics 2022

10th Class Maths (Guess Paper) important Short Questions

Chapter No. 1

  • Exercise 1.1 1q (I,iii,iv), 2q (ii,iv), 3q (I,v,ix)
  • Exercise  1.2 1q (I,iii,vii,viii)
  • Exercise 1.3 q2, 9, 10, 14
  • Exercise   1.4 q1,3,8,9
  • Misc Exercise 1 Q#1 and 2

Chapter  No. 2

  • Exercise  2.1 q1 (ii,iv), q2 (I,iv) 3,4 (iii), 10
  • Exercise 2.2 q2 (ii,vi, viii), 4
  • Exercise 2.3 q1 (I,v,vi) 2(ii), 5(ii)
  • Exercise 2.5 q1 (f,g,h) 3(b)
  • Exercise  2.6 1(i), 2(ii), 5(ii)
  • Exercise 2.7 q2, 5, 10, 13
  • Exercise 2.8 q 1 and 5
  • Misc Ex 2 q1, 2(I and vii)

 Chapter   No.3

  • Exercise 3.1 q1(iv,v), 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 (iv, v)
  • Exercise 3.2 q1(iii) 2(ii), 5, 8, 10, 13
  • Exercise  3.3 q1 (I, iv) q2 (ii,iv,v), 3(iv), 4(ii,iii)
  • Exercise 3.4 Q1 (I,v, viii), 2 (vi, viii)
  • Exercise 3.5 q3
  • Exercise 3.6 q1 (ii, iii, vi), 2(ii)
  • Exercise 3.7 q2, 3,9

Chapter No.4

  • Exercise 4.1 Q 2,4,8
  • Exercise  4.2 Q# 1,2,6,8
  • Exercise 4.3 Q# 1,6,8
  • Exercise 4.4 Q#2,3,6

Chapter     No.5

  • Exercise 5.1 q1 (I,ii,iv), 3(I and v), 4(i and iii), 6(i and ii)
  • Exercise 5.2 q1 (v and vi), 2(iv), 3 and 4(ii) 5.3 Q1 (1,ii,v), 2 (ii,iii), 4 (iii,iv) 5.4 q3 (iii), 5(ii)

Chapter      No. 6

  • Exercise 6.1 Q( 1 and 3)
  • Exercise 6.2 (3,7,11,12)
  • Exercise  6.3 Q4 and 5(ii)
  • Misc Exercise 6 Q 1 and 2

Chapter       No. 7

  •  Exercise 7.1 q1 (vii), q3 (v), q4 (iii, v), q5 (iii, vii),
  • Exercise 7.2 q3 (i), 5, 6
  • Exercise 7.3 q3 (iii. Iv), 4(ii. vi), 8, 9, 12 (vii, viii)
  • Exercise 7.4 q7, 10, 11, 16, 20, 24
  • Exercise 7.5 q1,3,8,9

Chapter  No. 8 Theorem 2

Chapter   No. 9 Theorem 2 and 4

Chapter    No. 10: Theorem 1 and 3

Chapter    No 11: 1 and 4

Chapter   12: Theorem 1 and 2

Chapter 13: Exercise 13.1 Q (1 and 4)

Note: Learn Theorem combination as Chap#9 and chapter 12

OR Chap 8 and Chapter 10 and 11

Important Definitions:-

Radical Equation, Quadratic Equation, Reciprocal Equation, name method equation, ratio, properties and variation, Proper and Improper fraction, rational fraction, complement of set, into function, onto function, one-one function, rational fraction, range, variable deviation, mode, Arithmetic mean, standard deviation, radian, measure of angle, circle, length of tangent, segment circle.

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