Okara BSCS University First Merit List 2022

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Okara BSCS University First Merit List 2022

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Okara University’s BS Honors CS (Computer Science) Merit List 2022 was announced online for the morning session. So Candidates waiting for the announcement of the merit list of BS Computer Science Honors at Okara University. Okara University is a newly established institution of higher learning that is announcing the merit lists for the Fall Session 2022. But The CS & IT Department of Okara University is offering three BS disciplines including BSIT Information Technology, BSc Honors, and BSSE Software Engineering. Now Okara University is announcing merit lists of these programs for selected candidates. So All the applicants can see their names online here and see BSc Okara University 3 Remerit List 2022 in the morning. As well as BS it Information Technology Merit List 2022 Morning and BSSE Software Engineering Merit List 2022 Morning Session.

  • If a candidate requesting for cancellation of his/her admission after depositing the Fee/Dues, the Fee/Dues will be refunded as per HEC refund policy
Sr.#Program NameMerit Lists
1B. Ed. (1.5 Years) (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
2MSc Chemistry (Self Support)View
3Msc Botany (Morning)ViewViewView
4MSc Botany (Self Support)View
5MSc Biology (Morning)View
6MSc Biology (Self Support)View
7BS Zoology (Morning)ViewViewViewView
8BS Zoology (Self Support)ViewViewView
9MSc Zoology (Morning)ViewViewView
10MSc Zoology (Self Support)ViewView
11MPhil Zoology (Morning)ViewView
12MPhil Zoology (Self Support)ViewView
13MSc Bio Chemistry (Morning)View
14MSc Bio Chemistry (Self Support)View
15MSc Biotechnology (Self Support)View
16MSc Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Morning)View
17MSc Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (Self Support)View
18B.Sc (Hons) Food Science & TEchnology (Morning)ViewViewView

University Of Okara Merit List 2022 BS, MS

Okara University Department of Computer Science will display BSc merit lists on the notice board. But as soon as the university announces, we will share all the merit lists online with all the applicants. After the completion of the morning session class, Okara University displayed the merit list of the BSc evening session in three stages including the first merit list of the BSc evening, the second, and the third merit list 2022. At the same time, BS On IT Information Technology evening merit list. And the first merit list for BSE Software Engineering Evening will be announced. So Stay in touch with us to view the Okara University’s BS Honors Computer Science Merit List online for the morning and evening sessions for the Fall 2022 season. But First Merit List 2022 of University of Okara BSCS

Okara University Selected Candidates List 2022

Dear students if you feel any problem in Checking UofOkara Merit List, just write a comment in the comment box, our expert team solves your problem definitely.

Sr.#Program NameMerit Lists
1BS Computer Science (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
2BS Computer Science (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
3BS Computer Science(5th Semester) (Morning)View
4B.Ed. (Hons) (Morning)ViewViewView
5B.Ed. (Hons) (Self Support)ViewViewView
6B.Ed.Hons(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewView
7B. Ed. (1.5 Years) (Morning)ViewViewView
8B. Ed. (1.5 Years) (Self Support)ViewViewView
9MPhil Education (Morning)View
10MPhil Education (Self Support)ViewViewView
11BS Special Education (Morning)ViewView
12BS Special Education (Self Support)ViewView
13BS Applied Chemistry (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
14BS Applied Chemistry (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
15BS Chemistry (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
16BS Chemistry (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
17BS Chemistry( 5th Semester) (Self Support)ViewViewView
18MPhil/MS Chemistry (Morning)ViewView
19MPhil/MS Chemistry (Self Support)ViewView
20PhD Chemistry ()View
21BS Mathematics (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
22BS Mathematics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
23BS Mathematics (5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
24MPhil Mathematics (Self Support)View
25BS Physics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
26BS Physics (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
27MPhil Physics (Morning)ViewViewView
28Mphil Physics (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
29PhD Physics (Morning)View
30BS Statistics (Morning)ViewViewView
31BS Statistics (Self Support)ViewViewView
32BS Statistics(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewView
33BS Botany (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
34BS Botany (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
35BS Botany(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
36MPhil Botany (Self Support)ViewView
37BS Environmental Sciences (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
38BS Environmental Sciences (Self Support)ViewViewView
39BS Environmental Sciences(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewView
40BS Biology (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
41BS Biology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
42BS Biology(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewView
43MPhil Biology (Self Support)ViewView
44BS Zoology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
45BS Zoology (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
46BS Zoology(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
47MPhil Zoology (Morning)ViewView
48MPhil Zoology (Self Support)ViewViewView
49PhD Zoology ()ViewView
50BS Molecular Biology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
51BS Molecular Biology (Self Support)ViewViewView
52MPhil Molecular Biology (Morning)View
53MPhil Molecular Biology (Self Support)View
54BS Bio Chemistry (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
55BS Bio Chemistry (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
56BS Bio Chemistry(5th Semester) (Morning)View
57MPhil Biochemistry (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
58PhD Bio Chemistry (Morning)View
59BS Biotechnology (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
60BS Biotechnology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
61BS Biotechnology(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewView
62MPhil Biotechnology (Morning)View
63MPhil Biotechnology (Self Support)ViewViewView
64PhD Biotechnology ()View
65BS Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
66BS Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
67BS Microbiology and Molecular Genetics(5th Semester) (Morning)View
68MPhil Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Self Support)View
69MPhil Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
70BS Bioinformatics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
71BFA Graphic Design (Morning)ViewViewViewView
72BFA Graphic Design (Self Support)ViewView
73BFA Painting (Morning)ViewView
74BBIT (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
75BBIT (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
76BS Accounting & Finance (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
77BS Banking & Finance (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
78BS Banking & Finance (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
79BS Commerce (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
80BS Economics (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
81BS Economics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
82BS Urdu (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
83BS Urdu (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
84BS Urdu(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewView
85MPhil Urdu (Self Support)View
86BS Islamic Studies (Morning)ViewViewViewView
87BS Islamic Studies (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
88BS Islamic Studies(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewView
89MPhil Islamic Studies (Self Support)View
90BS Tourism and Hospitality Management (Morning)ViewView
91BS Political Science (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
92BS Political Science (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
93BS International Relations (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
94BS International Relations (Morning)ViewViewViewView
95BS Social Work (Morning)ViewView
96BS Social Work (Self Support)View
97BS Library and Information Sciences (Morning)ViewViewView
98BS Library and Information Sciences (Self Support)ViewView
99BBA (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
100BBA (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
101BS Public Administration (Morning)ViewView
102BBA (5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewView
103MS Management Sciences (Morning)ViewView
104BS Sociology (Self Support)ViewViewView
105BS Sociology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
106BS Sociology(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
107MPhil Sociology (Self Support)ViewViewView
108MPhil Sociology (Morning)ViewViewView
109BS Communication Studies (Morning)ViewViewView
110BS Communication Studies (Self Support)ViewViewView
111BS Criminology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
112BS Criminology (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
113LL.B (5 Years) (Morning)ViewViewView
114LL.B (5 Years) (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
115BS Public Health (Morning)ViewViewView
116BS Public Health (Self Support)ViewView
117BS Sport Sciences and Physical Education (Morning)ViewViewView
118BS Sports Sciences and Physical Education (Self Support)ViewViewView
119BS ( hons) Science Education (Morning)ViewViewView
120BS ( hons) Science Education(Double Math & Physics) (Self Support)ViewView
121BS Psychology (Self Support)ViewViewView
122BS Psychology (Morning)ViewViewViewView
123BS Home Economics (Morning)View
124BS Home Economics (Self Support)View
125BS Early Childhood Education (Morning)View
126M.Phil Wildlife & Ecology (Self Support)ViewViewView
127M.Phil Wildlife and Ecology (Morning)ViewViewView
128M.Phil Fisheries & Aquaculture (Morning)ViewViewView
129M.Phil Fisheries & Aquaculture (Self Support)ViewView
130BS (Hons) Educational Planning & Management (Morning)ViewViewView
131BS (Hons) Educational Planning & Management (Self Support)ViewView
132BS English (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
133BS English (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
134M.Phil English Linguistics (Self Support)View
135MPhil Nanotechnology (Self Support)ViewView
136BS Education (Morning)ViewViewView
137BS Education (Self Support)ViewViewView
138BS Education (5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewView
139BS Computational Physics (Morning)View
140BS Computational Physics (Self Support)View
141BS Anthropology (Self Support)View
142BS Anthropology (Morning)ViewView
143BS Software Engineering (Non Engineerning Program) (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
144BS Software Engineering (Non Engineerning Program) (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
145BS Data Science (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
146BS Data Science (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
147MS/MPhil Computer Science (Self Support)ViewView
148MS/MPhil Computer Science (Morning)ViewView
149BS Information Technology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
150BS Information Technology (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
151BS Information Technology(5th Semester) (Morning)View

BS Honors Computer Science Evening 1st Merit List 2022:
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Okara University BSCS Merit List 2023

College of Okara is a public area college arrange in Okara, Punjab, Pakistan. Clergyman of Defense Rao Sikandar initiated this college on 23rd February 2016. At first, this college began its excursion as a grounds yet later on it was moved up to the degree of college. Applicants, who will breeze through passage assessment, will actually want to show up on the legitimacy list. Applicants are educated that we have transferred section test answer key and result online on this page. Okara BSCS University First Merit List 2022

University of Okara Admission 2022 Merit list

  • University of Okara Merit List Spring 2022
  • University of Okara Merit List Fall 2022

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