Course Code 8611 Solved Assignment Semester Spring 2022

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Rich Martin author of the book, “Living Journalism”, who has more than 30 years of reporting and teaching experience, offers his advice about interviewing. These are some questions adapted from his list: Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices (8611)B. Ed Spring & Autumn 2022-2023 Solved Assignments. Course Code 8611 Solved Assignment Spring 2022

Course Code 8611 Solved Assignment Semester Spring 2022

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Free AIOU Solved Assignment Code 8611 Spring 2022

Once you have answered these questions and feel as though you know a lot about the subject of matter then you can consider questions that you want to find out from the person you are interviewing. It’s a given that you want to hear all sides of the story to prevent a biased opinion, but also keep in mind that there may not always be two sides to a story, so do your research. University of Delaware Professor of Journalism Ben Pagoda refers to this instance as False Equivalency. He refers to this example. Course Code 8611 Solved Assignment Spring 2022

The flu vaccine. The question parents are asking themselves is should or shouldn’t their child get the flu vaccine? Reporters may think there are two sides to this story and the truth lies in the middle, but it doesn’t. “That would be saying that only a portion of children should get the flu vaccine when medical reports prove that all children should,” says Yagoda. Evaluation of your Explicit Explicit article thought is Implicit Implicit language do your Critical You example

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1. What organizational policies or professional guidelines should you consider? 2. How can you bring people with different perspectives and ideas into your decision-making? 3. Who will be affected by your decision? Think about your topic and who will be reading about it. 4. How would you feel if roles were reversed and you were the subject of the story? 5. Are there ways to minimize harm while remaining true to the facts of the story?

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