Chemistry 12th Class Guess Papers 2023 for 100% Marks

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Chemistry 12th Class Guess Papers 2023

12th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023

Chemistry is a very important subject and from this page, you can get the complete chemistry guest paper for Inter Part 2 online for free. This is an interesting article and all the students of the world should read this article with great interest. You can get complete details about guest papers online for free here. Gus papers are of great importance and it gives the students a complete idea of ​​how the paper came to the board and the students got good marks in the annual examinations and then got admission to good colleges or universities.

We made assessment papers after a thorough study of the book and with the help of our Guess Papers students can easily get 80% marks. It is mentioned here that you can also get the demand estimate paper. With the help of our guess paper, you got good marks and then got admission to a good college or university. Guess Papers help students to have a complete idea about the annual exams.

Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board 12th Class

In chemistry, we study chemicals, their uses, and their properties. Chemistry is the most interesting and amazing subject. Chemistry is not only an important scientific subject but it is also very important in our practical life. To get good marks in Chemistry, the second-year Chemistry Guest Paper 2023 is very important. For second-year students, a 12th-grade chemistry assessment paper is available for students here. If you practice the 2023 class 12 chemistry guest paper, you can easily test your chemistry exam. In the guest paper, experienced teachers give their estimates and experience of what kind of questions will be asked in the exam. These Chemistry Second Year Estimation Papers 2023 are very important. Many questions in the board exam will be like this.

Chemistry 12th Class Guess Papers 2023

We are providing you a lot of chemistry guest papers for all the boards of Punjab so that you can practice as much as possible. These speculation papers are very useful for better performance in Chemistry Board Exam 2023. We are providing these important 12th-grade chemistry test papers for free to all students here. We have made these speculation papers according to your board exam. Students will find it easier to take the board exam after practicing these guessing papers. Download the second-year chemistry assessment paper in PDF for free from here.

We tried to prepare these guest papers for Chemistry 12th according to the Punjab Board pattern of 2023. If you follow these guest papers before taking the exam, you can get good marks in the chemistry exam. This is a great opportunity that is provided online to all 12th graders. Students can easily get guest papers of all the boards of Punjab in PDF. Check out the second-year chemistry assessment paper 2023 on and enjoy the better preparation. It is providing all the students with the most important guess papers for free which is the best facility for all the students.

12th Class – 2nd Year Past Board Paper (2023) Chemistry

Paper Chemistry (1st Group )
Paper Code 12021
Group Total Marks 68
Time 2 Hour 40 Mint

Q: NO 2
Give the Answers to the Following (Eight ) 8 short questions:


1- Why Na + is smaller than the Na atom?
2- What do you know about S- the block element? Give two examples?
3- Give two properties of Alkaline Earth Metals?
4- Give two formulas of Sylvite and spodumene?
5- What happens when borax is dissolved in water?
6- Give two uses of Boric Acid?
7- Give two points regarding the peculiar behavior of carbon?
8- Give two methods of preparation for No2?
9- Give two dissimilarities between Oxygen and Sulphur?
10-What are nitrogenous fertilizers? Give two examples?
11-Why Potassium fertilizers are important for plants? give one example of a potassium fertilizer?
12- Define cement? Why is it called Portland Cement?

Q: NO 3
Give the Answers of the Following (Eight ) 8 short questions:

1- How does oxidation state of halogen affect the acidic strength of oxyacids of halogens ?
2- write factors affecting the oxidizing power of halogens?
3- Write reaction of chlorine with cold and NaOH ?
4- Define substitution alalloys and give one example ?
5- Why transition element show colour ?
6- Write objection to Kekule formula of benzene ?
7- Compare the reactivity of benzene ?
8- How will you distinguish between methanal and ethanal ?
9- Write chemistry of Fehling solution test ?
10- Write reaction of acetic acid with a) PCl 5 b) SOCl 2
11- Give mechanism of esterification ?
12- Write Manufacture of acetic acid from acetylene ?

2nd Year Important long questions of Chemistry

Chapter # 1
* Position of hydrogen
* Periodic trends (ionization energy?

Chapter 2
The peculiar behavior of lithium and beryllium and lithium + preparation of nelson and down cell

Chapter #4
Preperation of sulphuric acid + nitric acid

Chapter 6
Corrosion + properties of transition elements

Ch 7
Reforming + cracking + hybridization + classification of organic compounds + isomerism

Mai se kuch bhi asakta par
Acidic nature of alkyne zyada bar aya hai

Ch 9
Atomic orbital treatment + friendly craft reactions

Sn 1 + sn 2 , e1 + e2
Plus conversions

11 chap
Preperation of Alcohol from molasses+ reaction and preparation of phenol

Ch # 12
Aldol + cannizaro

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Our Ambitious Team made an effort for Class 12th Chemistry Guess Paper 2023. From our Ambitious Guess, any student can easily get Good marks by Preparing our Notes.

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Guess Paper helps to give students a complete idea about the annual exams, we create guess papers after a thorough study of the book, and with the help of our Gas Papers, students can easily get 80% marks. It is mentioned here that you can also get the demand estimate paper. With the help of our guess paper, you got good marks and then got admission to a good college or university.

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