Aitchison College Lahore Admission Merit List 2022

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Aitchison College Lahore Admission Merit List 2022

Check online Aitchison College Lahore result 2022 merit list here. Aitchison College Lahore has published the first merit list of the latest admission.

Merit ListsDownloads All Subjects
1st Merit ListView/Download
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4th Merit ListView/Download

Here you can apply online for Aitchison College Lahore Admission 2022 and you can download the registration form, deadline, age eligibility for all classes, and how to apply from this page. Aitchison College Lahore has opened admissions for K-1 to E2 and C1 classes and has age qualifications for all students and all parents are advised to complete all the procedures within the stipulated date and time. All students who are not citizens of Lahore have been invited by Aitchison College as Border Students for admission in 2022, whereas a student who is a citizen of Lahore will be considered as a daily student. ۔ So if you also want your children to attend boarding school, it is time to enroll in this leading institution. Scroll down for details.

Aitchison College Lahore Admission 2022

This time, admission at Aitchison College is open for Class K1 to E2 and C1. Check the requirements for admission given below and if you meet them, then apply for admission. The admission form is also available here. Scroll down and get the details.

Aitchison College Admission Schedule:

Admission Deadline30th November 2022
K1 to E2 Test26th-27th March 2022
Interview/Medical/Age Checkup4th-9th April 2022
Letters of Offer to K1-E2-C115th April 2022
Offer acceptance deadline30th April 2022
Fee Submission15th May 2022

Aitchison College Lahore Selected Candidates List

To give a fair chance to boys who are confident about their IGCSE results and internal H1 results. To give a fair chance to boys as they do not have any previous exam results with Cambridge. (Boys had taken the last exam in Dec 2019, & they start preparing by practicing past papers after December, hence, their HY exam results do not showcase their true potential).

1.K1 ResultCheck Online
2.K2 ResultCheck Online
3.K3 ResultCheck Online
4.K4 ResultCheck Online
5.K5 ResultCheck Online
6.K6 ResultCheck Online
7.E2 ResultCheck Online
8.M1 ResultCheck Online
9.M2 ResultCheck Online
10.C1 ResultCheck Online
11.C2 ResultCheck Online
12.H1 ResultCheck Online
13.H2 ResultCheck Online

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

This time Aitchison College is open for classes K1 to E2 and C1. Check the following conditions for admission and if you meet them apply for admission. Admission forms are also available here. Scroll down and get the details.

The student must meet certain requirements before applying for admission. This includes the age limit and the student’s performance in his or her final academic year. There will be entrance tests for junior, middle, and senior school students. The exam will be in English and Maths. You can check the age range by year level.

Aitchison College Admission Form

Get the entry form here.
You must complete the form and attach the required documents written in the form.
Registration / application fee must submitted along with the form.
Submit your form by the deadline.
Incomplete or late requests not processed.

Aitchison College Lahore Admission 2023

Therefore, everything about Aitchison College Lahore Admission 2022 Admission Form, Deadline, and Eligibility Criteria written here on this page. You must apply before the deadline to submit the entry form. This is because any application received after the deadline not considered by the authorities under any circumstances. Just stay connected with this page as we will be updating any further help or reports about your search soon. Aitchison College Lahore Admission Merit List 2022

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