12th Class History of Islam Paper Scheme 2022 All Boards

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All Subject Paper Scheme 2022
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Are you looking for a date for the latest 12th grade Islam Pairing Scheme 2022? If so, this is where your search ends because we need you. On this web page, which is attached below. You find your paper scheme for the academic year 2022. Scroll down to find it. The History of Islam is an introductory course on the Abbasid Caliphate, the third successful caliphate after the Prophet. This course explains all the events which explain the reasons for the decline of the Abbasid dynasty in the Abbasid Caliphate from the first caliph of this dynasty Abu Al-Abbas Al-Safah. This course is interesting and exciting for those who want to know about the history of Islam. 12th Class History of Islam Paper Scheme 2022 All Boards

The necessity of Paper Schemes for Students

As you sit for the exam on the history of Islam. You start thinking about all the topics that need to be covered in the exam. One way to find out how much you need to learn for the exam is to write down the topics. And you memorized which mistake the other way is to look at the 12th-grade history of Islam paper. Use Scheme 2022 to determine which headings are needed. Study for the exam. Paper schemes give you all the necessary details about the topics that are included in the exams.

It is important that you prepare each title and sub-title listed in the history of Islam Diagnostic Scheme 2022. So that you can prepare well for your exams. Additionally, you can use the paper scheme as a checklist for topics you have studied or want to study. It is worth mentioning that all the questions were made from the topics given in the paper scheme.

The Board of Education provides all the necessary facilities to the students to help them get the best score in their examinations. Largely, pairing schemes help students learn. Many teachers and educators urge students to use the second-year pairing scheme 2022 while preparing for the exams. For each subject, there is a paper scheme. For example, in Computer Studies there is a paper scheme that notes all the subjects which have to be studied before taking the exams. Students have to keep a lot of information on different subjects throughout the year, so the second-year paper scheme 2022 helps students focus on the important parts of a particular subject that need to be studied.

Significance of Pairing Scheme 2nd Year 2022

The Boards of Education provide this pair of 12th class 2022 students before the commencement of the annual examinations of the students. If you looking for the latest pairing scheme PDF for the second year here, you’ve come to the right place. We all the other year pair scheme 2022 different according to the Punjab board articles, you just need to click one button and you took to the second year pairing scheme 2022 pdf download.

The 2nd the year 2022 Punjab Board’s paper schemes are very important for students to get A grades. All education boards provide a paper scheme to guide the student preparation process. Paper schemes are essential as they list all the topics and sub-topics that will be examined by the board. This paper scheme gives students a real sense of which topics will be examined and which will not. In addition, the practicals that will be included in the examination are also mentioned in the scheme.

The second-year pairing scheme 2022 gives students the opportunity to organize their final exam preparation. The beauty of diagnostic schemes is that students are told exactly what they need to study, which saves them countless hours. The 12th class paper scheme was formulated for all the boards of Punjab like BISE Lahore, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Faisalabad, BISE DG Khan, BISE Multan, and BISE Bahawalpur. 12th Class History of Islam Paper Scheme 2022 All Boards

BoardAll Punjab Board
Class12th class
keyword12th class paper scheme Pairing Scheme, Pairing Scheme, Assessment Scheme 2022 Rawalpindi Board
SubjectAll Subjects ( Biology, Chemistry, Physics , Urdu, Islamiyat, English, Maths, Home Economics, Pak

12th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2022 Punjab Board


chapter 122 MCQs
chapter 131 MCQs
chapter 142 MCQ
chapter 152 MCQ
chapter 162 MCQs
chapter 171 MCQ
chapter 182 MCQs
chapter 192 MCQs
chapter 201 MCQ
chapter 212 MCQs

Short Questions Section

Question# 2

Chapter 124 Questions
Chapter 144 Questions
Chapter 154 Questions

Question# 3

Chapter 133 Questions
Chapter 163 Questions
Chapter 173 Questions
Chapter 183 Questions

Question# 4

Chapter 193 Questions
Chapter 202 Questions
Chapter 214 Questions

Long Questions

Question 5(a) Chapter 12 ; (b) Chapter 13
Question 6(a) Chapter 14 ; (b) Chapter 15
Question 7(a) Chapter 16 ; (b) Chapter 18
Question 8(a) Chapter 17 ; (b) Chapter 21
Question 9(a) Chapter 19 ; (b) Chapter 20

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