12th Class Education Paper Scheme All Boards

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In the 21st century, education is essential for success in a competitive society. So It is important to learn about education because through this course we study various theoretical aspects of education. But If you are looking for 12th class education pairing scheme 2022 then you are at the right place because you can find the latest scheme linked to this web page. So 12th Class Education Paper Scheme All Boards

In this course, students learn various topics such as Muslim education in the subcontinent, Pakistan’s education policy, issues of Pakistan’s education system, and other interesting topics. So This elective course covers a wide range of topics so that students are familiar with important concepts and issues of education. Therefore, In addition, it is important when learning a specific course and the paper boards are advised to use the paper scheme. So Only by using these schemes, students can drastically increase their final exam scores.

Why are paper schemes important?

There is no doubt that pairing schemes can help students prepare for their annual exams. So A paper scheme is helpful for students as it allows them to focus on important areas of learning. But All the subjects tested by the examiner are clearly stated so that the students know exactly what to prepare. The paper scheme serves as a guide for students and increases their chances of getting better grades for themselves. The 12th Class Education Assessment Scheme 2022 will help students qualify in the areas that students need to learn for their exams. Therefore Students are advised to prepare for their exams according to the paper scheme. Boards of education issue paper schemes before the annual examinations and students are advised to dedicate their time to implement all the concepts learned.

Perfect Time For the Study

As the annual examinations on students are becoming zero, this is a great opportunity to develop and advance one’s academic fields by engaging in active learning of important points of education. By spending their time from the beginning, students can learn the subject ahead of time and spend the rest of their time in past paper practice. It has been found that you learn better by practicing questions and this affects the information on your long-term memory. In addition, following a set study time can increase your chances of getting higher grades. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items. Feel free to include them in your study.

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The Board of Education provides all the necessary facilities to the students to help them get the best score in their examinations. Largely, pairing schemes help students learn. Many teachers and educators urge students to use the second-year pairing scheme 2022 while preparing for the exams. For each subject, there is a paper scheme. For example, in Computer Studies there is a paper scheme that notes all the subjects which have to be studied before taking the exams. Students have to keep a lot of information on different subjects throughout the year, so the Second Year Paper Scheme 2022 helps students focus on the important parts of a particular subject that need to be studied.

Prepare with Paper Scheme of 2nd Year

The Boards of Education provide this pair of 12th class 2022 students before the commencement of the annual examinations of the students. If you’ve been looking for the latest pairing scheme PDF for the second year here, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the other year pair scheme 2022 different according to the Punjab board articles, you just need to click one button and you will be taken to the second year pairing scheme 2022 pdf download. 12th Class Education Paper Scheme All Boards

Education Paper Pattern of 12th Class 2022

From the following table, you can get to know the paper pattern of education inter part 2 according to the Punjab Board examination in 2022:

Objective Type

Subjective Type

Total Marks20Total Marks80
Time Allowed30 minutesTime Allowed2:30 hrs
Number of MCQs20Number of Questions6
Distribution of MarksEach MCQ of 1 markDistribution of MarksAttempt 8 short questions out of 12 having 16 marks
Total20 MCQs Attempt 8 short questions out of 12 having 16 marks
   Attempt 9 short questions out of 13 having 18 marks
   Attempt 3 long questions out of 5 having 24 marks. Each question has 10 marks.
  Total80 marks



 I have recently uploaded here the paper scheme of 2nd-year education. Pairing scheme FA part 2 for 2022 given here for Punjab boards and federal board. Class 12 FA student can prepare their education paper according to this scheme

12th Class Education Pairing Scheme 2022 Punjab Board


chapter 122 MCQs
chapter 131 MCQs
chapter 142 MCQ
chapter 152 MCQ
chapter 162 MCQs
chapter 171 MCQ
chapter 182 MCQs
chapter 192 MCQs
chapter 201 MCQ
chapter 212 MCQs

Short Questions Section

Question# 2

Chapter 124 Questions
Chapter 144 Questions
Chapter 154 Questions

Question# 3

Chapter 133 Questions
Chapter 163 Questions
Chapter 173 Questions
Chapter 183 Questions

Question# 4

Chapter 193 Questions
Chapter 202 Questions
Chapter 214 Questions

Long Questions

Question 5(a) Chapter 12 ; (b) Chapter 13
Question 6(a) Chapter 14 ; (b) Chapter 15
Question 7(a) Chapter 16 ; (b) Chapter 18
Question 8(a) Chapter 17 ; (b) Chapter 21
Question 9(a) Chapter 19 ; (b) Chapter 20
All Subject Paper Scheme 2022
View/Download Pairing Scheme Click Here

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